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Once upon a time, the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson, and many others decided to write stories about magical lands with princesses, spinning wheels, and beasts, oh my! Since their creation, these stories have been shared and adapted for novels, short stories, poetry, films, and music.

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Seeing Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty, and others on the big screen has made fairy tale novels even more popular. Since the huge success of fantasy movies such as Twilight and Harry Potter, producers have begun taking familiar fairy tales and reinventing them, making them darker, more suspenseful, and sometimes romantic to appeal to the teen audience. Recent films like Snow White and the Huntsman and Jack the Giant Slayer introduce unexpected relationships and unusual perspectives into well-known stories making the plots of these films anything but ordinary (Kroll, 2011). Primarily written by female authors, YA fairy tales these days are filled with not only resourceful independent young men, but also courageous, intelligent young women; they're the fantastical romances filled with action, adventure, and family ties. Jack Zipes, a fairy tale scholar, notes that the the fairy tale genre "continues to grow and embraces, if not swallows, all types of genres, art forms, and cultural institutions; and it adjusts itself to new environments through the human disposition to re-create relevant narratives and through technologies that make its diffusion easier and more effective" (222).

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This wiki was created in May/June 2013 by Amy Matlack, Christina Johnston, Rebecca Thompson, Tracy O'Brien and Margaret Oluwanifise.
We are a group of graduate students pursuing careers in Library Science and wanted to share our findings on some of the best and most popular fairy tale retellings from the past twenty years. In this wiki, we delve into the history of several classic fairy tales (including Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and Beauty & The Beast), provide a pathfinder for further research and reading, and offer short reviews of the YA fairy tale retellings we've recently enjoyed. You won't find any spoilers in our reviews, so check them out!
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